Monday, 13 June 2011

Week 15: Double Vision

I just realised that we're actually already in week 16 - and there's me, thinking that I'd finally managed to keep up... Well, I still have time till Thursday to take and post a picture for this week, but here's last week for now. The theme was "double vision", looking at a subject from different perspectives, shooting it from up and down and creating a diptych.

It's early summer (how time flies!!) and this means it's poppy season. Yay! I just love poppies. They're so cheerful. One of the meanings of red poppies in the language of flowers is pleasure. And they're certainly a pleasure to look at. They just always make me smile!

Other meanings for poppies:
Poppies (general): Eternal sleep, oblivion, imaginaton
Poppies (red): Pleasure, consolation
Poppies (white): Consolation, sleep
Poppies (yellow): Wealth, success

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