My other big passion, next to drawing and painting, is photography. Sometimes I spend more time with the one, other times more with the other. Often, the one inspires the other.

Digital Photography

I use a Canon DSLR and do my editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. I often like to add textures to my photos to create a more painterly effect.

I post some of my photos here on my blog, you can find more of my photos here:

My 500px account with recent photos:

My new Flick account with photos since spring 2014:

My old Flickr account with photos up until about summer 2013:

iPhonography & Instagram

I also love taking photos with my iPhone, and Instagram is probably my most favourite social media. All photos on my Instagram are taken with my iPhone only.

My Instagram:

Instant Photography

In 2015, I discovered the wonderful world of instant photography. I have a selection of vintage Polaroid cameras, which I'm using. I am posting my Polaroid photos both here and on my Flickr account. You can read more about which cameras I'm using and how I'm using instant photography as an exercise in mindfulness on my Polaroid & Mindfulness page.