Tuesday 30 September 2014

75 Day Sketch Challenge - No. 58-69

The end is near! Only 6 to go. Or rather 5, as I did No. 70 in my lunch break today. I've mentioned before that I'm glad when it's over, for various reasons. And I'll write a post about the whole experience next week, when I'm all done and finished with it, so I'm not saying much about it today.

Just one funny thing that I noticed these past few days. Whereas at the beginning of and well into the challenge, most of my drawings where done with lots of colour, and all kinds of different pens, it seems that in the past few days, I find myself more and more drawn to the simple black pen - my favourite UniPin 0.05 fineliner. Love this pen.

Friday 19 September 2014

75 Day Sketch Challenge - No. 31-57

It's been almost a month since my last post, but there's good reason for my absence - after everyone else had been away during the school holidays, finally, it was my time to relax for a couple of weeks in sunny Dorset. And sunny it has certainly been. Apart from a little drizzle in Swanage on Tuesday in the first week, it has been dry, and mostly sunny the entire two weeks. And we didn't stay in Swanage, but turn back straight away to go and see Corfe Castle, where it wasn't drizzling, and where we spent a happy couple of hour exploring the castle ruins. So Swanage is still on my list of places to visit in Dorset, among quite a few others. But we've certainly been busy visiting places and going for long walks, and also having the one or other relaxing day. But I'll try to post some pics and all later, in a separate post.

My 75 Day Sketch Challenge is still going on, and I've actually managed to keep up with doing one drawing a day, both before and during my holiday. Many of my holiday drawings (No. 38-53) are related to the places we visited - Portland, Cheddar Gorge, the Dorset County Show (what a great day that was!), West Bay, our favourite cream tea cafe, Lyme Regis, and the gardens and animal park at Kingston Maurward. 

Keeping up with my challenge was especially hard during the holiday. I had expected to have much more time for drawing on holiday, but I hadn't counted on the weather and us being out all day and coming home late most of the days. Having to sit down at 10 o'clock at night, after a packed day out, and come up with a drawing really was tough at times. But I had already come so far that not doing a drawing every day just wasn't an option anymore. And I'm glad I kept it up, and that I have all those holiday memory in my little book too.

The end's in sight now, less than 20 drawings to go. And my, I'm glad when it's over. But I've mentioned that before, and I intend to write a post about my experience with the challenge when I've finished it, so I'll save everything till then.

It's been a while, but I'm linking up with Paint Party Friday again today, and looking forward to see what everyone has been up to.