Thursday, 2 February 2012

On my palette ~ hands-on creaminess

There isn't so much an actual physical palette this week, instead, the palette consists of three oil)paint sticks. They can be applied directly on to the canvas, and then worked and moved around with one's fingers, so  they don't have to be mixed on a palette, or taken up with a brush from a palette. Although they can be used with brushes as well, just like paint out of a tube or pot (although I haven't tried that yet, painting with one's fingers with them is just too much fun).

The colours I used are: Alizarine Crimson, Meadow Green and Antique White.
I mixed them with acrylics, or rather, I applied them over the acrylics (from last week's palette) on the canvas.
Here's a little sneak peek of the finished (?) painting. I'll be posting the whole thing tomorrow, for the Paint Party.
Have a look at what others have on their palette over at  
Palette & Paint!


  1. Lush! I love your photos, your colors and your painting. The trees are coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing with P&P xx

    P.s Lucky you for living so close to the Lindt factory, jealous.

  2. Very nice! I've got two different things in process for PPF; need to figure out which to post.

  3. OOh, these oil sticks are Very cool!! I'll have to look them up. I love the effect they make. Beautiful etherial art.

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  4. Ohhh beautiful so far! I have some oil pastels that I don't like so much and am gonna use them with linseed oil as paint. They're really fun to play with!