Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Delicate winter

I don't seem to find the time to do any painting or even drawing in the evenings this week, so instead I'm posting some more winter pictures. It is, after all, my favourite season of the year, and the delicate of beauty never ceases to fascinate and delight me. 

With all the painting, and drawing, and art journaling, and sketching these past few weeks and months, I have rather neglected photography a bit. Which is a pity, as I really enjoy going out with my camera, and spending some time at the computer processing the pictures afterwards. And it's always worth going for a walk in the (early) morning :).


  1. these photographs are fantastic. absolutely stunning!

  2. These photographs are heart-stoppingly amazing.
    Please keep on posting them. The hoar frost, as you have captured it, is beautiful....I also love the winter...amazingly inspiring, don't you think?


  3. you are really having a winter by the look of your last few posts! you have captured the frost beautifully! just stunning.

  4. these photos are amazing... such beautiful serene contrasts. Frost is not something we take the time to look at closely, and yet, there is SUCH beauty in this. Thank you so much for sharing. Feel free to share more of your photos. Anytime. xoxo

  5. Lovely photos. It is hard to do a bit of everything, I find. I am being drawn back to my camera more this month, I think.