Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lines in the snow

Theme for Focus52, Week four (January 22 to 28): Leading Lines


  1. Beautiful! I love all of these shots.

  2. Wow - that second makes me want to head up to the mountains! Though we've had very little snow in California so far this winter.

  3. I am just catching up on all your posts from January (I get so behind trying to read so many blogs and also live a regular life). I think your portrait drawings are so great (I'm way too chicken to try that!) and I especially loved the pictures of the ice on the car windows. I'm so glad you're doing OLW again because I signed up too this year (mindful is my word). Anyway, keep up the lovely posts!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous you really live there? I am so jealous:)
    I need snow!

    1. I wish I lived up there in the mountains, but unfortunately I don't. It's about 3 hrs by train to get there, so not too bad, and well worth the trip to spend a day in the snow :)

  5. So beautiful! We've hardly had any this year and, while I'm not really a winter person, there is something pretty special about a coat of white snow on the world.

  6. These pictures are WONDERFUL! I love the contrast in them and the skies are amazing. What a great idea to use the tracks in the snow to represent lines!