Monday, 20 June 2011

Summer fields

Now, in early summer, the fields around are growing fast, and are wonderfully fresh and green against the blue sky. And hidden between the stems, there are bugs and poppies to be found, if you care to take time and look.

I took a walk the other week, through the countryside, in the hot midday sun, along fields, through woods, frequently pausing, kneeling down on the ground, watching, looking closely, taking in the view, taking pictures, and simply enjoying the time outside.


  1. Oh this is just beautiful. All these photos together tell a wonderful story of a lovely walk. Who could ask for a finer way to spend a summer's day? I never would have thought to take that second photo but it works so well, it's probably my favourite for just that reason.

    And this last one with the tractor...are you sure you didn't wander over into the English countryside by mistake? I can almost hear the cricket match playing somewhere out of shot.

    what's happened to all your texture work? I suppose it's good to mix things up occasionally. Sometimes nature provides enough pleasure for the senses.

  2. Thank you, Nigel. Yes, definitely not England, I'm afraid, but just the way from work to the train station. And the main thing you can hear is the noise from the cars speeding along the main road behind... Yes, I've not done a lot of texture work recently, - I just don't seem to find the time and energy these days. High time for a holiday! :)