Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It's the summer holiday season...

...and this means that I'll be exchanging my daily commuter's view through the train window...

It would be so much nicer to walk around this countryside instead of seeing it through the windows of a crowded train
At least you get some fine views from railway bridges you wouldn't get from anywhere else
Zürich-West. The city is changing rapidly, so many places I don't recognise at all anymore
These allotments have survived the city planners and investors. For the moment.
The new Prime Tower in Zürich-West, at the moment Switzerland's tallest buidling
Prime Tower and office building. The reflections of the sky are often quite specactular.
Reflections. If you look close enough, I'm sure you can see me pointing my camera through the train window :)
...for some new sights and familiar scenes in lovely London for a couple of weeks.

London, June/July 2010

Spending my summer holidays in London, taking classes at the LRBS is becoming something of a tradition, and it's already the 5th year I'm going there this year. But the first year that I'll be taking two classes instead of just one, so I guess it will not be as relaxing and restful a holiday as I'd probably need. But lying on a beach all day in the baking sun just isn't my thing. And I'll still have a few days to explore one of my favourite towns, re-visiting favourite places and exploring new ones.

And hopefully, I'll finally be able to see the Canaletto and Guardi collection at the Wallace Collection - something I've been trying to do for over two years, but without success (they actually closed the rooms for refurbishment just a few days before I went there). I'm also looking forward to seeing the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, having lunch in the garden restaurant at Kenwood House followed by a lovely stroll down the Heath, finally visiting the Portrait Gallery, the obligatory visits to the British Library and the British Museum (which are both really just around the corner from where I'll be staying), a walk along the Thames, some shopping in Oxford Street, checking out some art supply and photo shops, meeting up with friends, and and and...

A little treat at Kenwood House

I'm just afraid that, as usual, there won't be enough time to do everything I would like to. But I'm pretty sure that I'll be going back there again and again and again :).

Just one more day to go and I'm off. See you again in July. Have a wonderful summer :)

Kenwood House, 2011

Tower Bridge, London, 2011

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