Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Busy Bumble Bees

I just love all the bees busily buzzing around collecting pollen. And I love when I manage to catch them with my camera. But I don't always do, they're just soooo fast! And most of the time, I just get a bee blur :)

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  1. Hey, you're back!! Hello again and thanks for your Flickr note. So how was your summer holiday over here? Did you manage to do all those things you had planned? It seems like 10 minutes ago already and I have completely failed to publish any more blog posts in two weeks - so, so busy, just like these wonderful bees in your photographs. It's so satisfying to get photos like this, and these really are special.

    I don't know if you will be back on Flickr because I know you had doubts yourself, but it would be nice to see and hear your stories from jolly little England at least on your blogs!

    Anyway, for now, welcome back to the unreal world.