Friday, 22 September 2017

The magic of mushrooms

Finally, summer is over, and one of my favourite seasons has arrived. The gorgeous colours of the autumn, the softer light, the cooler, fresher air... Such a relief after the hot and stiflig summer. And I'm on holiday! A relaxing holiday at home with N, with long walks, day trips, lazy mornings, home made fruity smoothies and good food. 

The other day we went for a walk in the forest and there were mushrooms, or fungi, everywhere. And so many different varieties! They're so fascinating and magical. Just gorgeous, aren't they? Of course I have no idea what they are all called, but just looking at them, and taking pictures of them, made me happy.

Happy Autumn!


  1. Oh wow! I don't know which ones are safe to eat but I do love mushrooms and what a place to harvest if you did know. :)

  2. It's my favourite season too! And we have lots of fungi in the woods behind our garden too. I tell our Grandson that it's where the faries take shelter from the rain :0)