Friday, 8 July 2016

A sketchbook filled

On Wednesday, I filled the last page of my current sketchbook. It's such a great feeling to have filled a whole sketchbook. So satisfying. The sketchbook I was using before this one took me well over 2 years to finish. 2+ years, with long stretches of not picking it up at all. Of course it doesn't mean that I didn't do anything at all, but for someone who wants to keep a sketchbook and make drawing and sketching a regular practice, 2+ years to fill a 124 pages (a Stillman & Birn Alpha, 8.5x5.5 landscape, 150gsm) is a looong time. Far too long.

I'm happy to say that it took me a lot less time to finish this one. A bit over 2 months. This one is a Seawhite A5 portrait with 92 pages and 140gsm bright white paper (the creamy colour in the images is caused by the scanner). I'm not so happy with it, it takes watercolour reasonably well, but there's a bit of shadowing when using ink. But I decided to use it anyway, and fill it, and I'm glad I did. Even if it might not make it into the top range of favourite sketchbooks, it served me well, and contains different medias and subjects, holiday sketches, exercises from an online class, lots of palette sketches, lettering, portraits (I'm just discovering the Sktchy app)....

I have a ridiculous (and ever growing, despite of having sworn to not buy any new ones) stack of sketchbooks, am I'm now going to work my way through them, drawing and sketching (almost) daily, and so finding the one(s) I like best. I'm also tired of having sketchbooks lying around that only have the first couple of pages filled, so even if they're not 'perfect', I'm trying to fill them anyway.

This month is also World Watercolour Month, which I discovered quite by chance. The Facebook Group is filling up daily with the most gorgeous watercolours. Very inspiring. But also rather intimidating, if you're still learning to master your watercolours. But then, I'm not a "traditional" watercolourist, for me (as for many other sketchbook keepers), they serve a different purpose, and a lot of my daily drawing and sketching is done during my lunch break, which doesn't leave a lot of time. Like the ice lollies below, which were done in about 10 minutes. As it's getting hotter and hotter again, I thought about turning these into a little series, slurping my way through the ice cream freezers. The ice cream and ice lolly range, unfortunately, is somewhat limited here in Switzerland, but I'm sure I'll find enough to keep me cool and fill some sketchbook pages.

The next sketchbook I'm trying out is a Hahnem├╝hle one. I'll share my first impressions of it next week.

I met some lovely cows on my walk on Monday, they were very friendly and nosy, all coming to the fence to say hello, perfect for taking photos. I think there has to be a cow sketch/drawing/painting coming very soon.


  1. Your sketchbook looks great, and I LOVE the cow photo. They are always such fun to watch. Happy PPF hugs, Valerie

  2. congrats on filling your sketch book - I've only ever managed to do that once during the 75 day sketch challenge a few years ago as I just don't sketch often enough at all. It must be very rewarding to see it fill up and then get to choose the next in your pile of books to start with.
    I love that cow photo - they're such gentle, curious animals. Is that collar the modern version of a cow bell?
    What is sktchy app - I'm curious to know!

  3. Ooh, thanks for the tip- I've downloaded that app now and can't wait to use it!

    Well done on filling your sketchbook! It's such a rewarding feeling and it looks great. I know the half-filled sketchbook scenario all too well. I have quite a few of them myself. Can't wait to see how you get on filling them.

  4. I love all your pieces today, ten minute Popsicles are amazing!

  5. Your sketches are always so beautiful. A visit to your blog is a real treat and a lovely addition to my Fridays. Yes, do paint the cow. It would be wonderful.

  6. Lovely paintings and the cow is Super! Thanks for smile ­čść
    Happy weekend ❤

  7. Your paintings are so beautiufl always! Adorable! What a lovely cow!
    Happy weekend !
    oxo Susi

  8. From over 2 years to 2 months! Wow!
    Love the lolly sketches.
    They look like contented cows. :)

  9. Those cows are cute and a little funny too, and I love the sketchbook. those sketches feel like summer...especially all the Popsicles. Happy weekend! Hugs-Erika

  10. Oh, I would so love to have a look through that sketchbook! The images you are showing are wonderful, and finishing 92 pages in 2 months is quite a feat! It makes me want to start sketching and using watercolours again....

  11. I think it's great that you've completely finished a sketch book. Like you I've many tucked away and I too should strive to complete them. Those ice lolly paintings are gorgeous.
    These would make a fantastic summer series of cards.
    Great photo of the cow too. Happy PPF to you

  12. Oh dear you have made me crave a rocket...beautiful work and good for you finishing your book... I am nearing one too....and that is rare. I usually work several at a time!! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Beautiful sketches and lovely adventures to keep company along the way :)

  14. I have two more pages left in my sketchbook which has taken me FOUR years to fill!! That's awful isn't it?? I've just bought my next and I am determined not to do that again. I admire your self discipline. It's inspiring! Which online class did you take?