Friday, 7 August 2015

A month in Polaroid: The August Break 2015 - Week 1

I started painting a bit last night, but I've only got as far as putting a first layer of the background down. Not much to share yet, in other words. So I have to give Paint Party Friday another miss, and am posting some more Polaroids again instead. It's still too hot to do much, really. This must be the longest and hottest summer in decades. It's quite usual that we get a few days with temperatures up to and over 30 degrees here, but it's been like this now since June, with only a few cooler days in between. I'm really getting tired this summer, and can't wait for it to end, so in order to take my mind off the heat, I've decided to do a little project of taking a photo for every day of the month. I have joined The August Break hosted by Susannah Conway. You get a prompt for every day, which you can follow, but you don't have to, and you can share your photos in a separate Facebook group and/or on Flickr. I've decided to use my various Polaroid cameras, which is a challenge at times, but I'm also learning a lot. So this is my first week of August in Polaroid (click on the link above to see all the prompts. I'm also posting them on Instagram, Flickr and FB).