Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Tea time, and never ending photo sorting

Are you getting bored of reading about my photo sorting thing? I don't blame you. I'm certainly beginning to have enough of it. After having discovered several folders with hundreds of photos from 2011 tucked away in another folder on my external drive, I spent all Saturday and Sunday renaming and sorting photos again. And I had thought I had 2011 sorted. No wonder I have a permanent headache these days. But I'm getting there.

Unfortunately, having discovered all those photos meant that I didn't have time for anything else. I just wanted to get them sorted. But despite all the extra hours at the computer instead of the easel, I'm glad I found those photos. Many of them hold dear memories of a place where I loved to spend a lot of time back in 2011, and which I miss very much. Going through those photos made me both happy and sad.

While I haven't done much drawing or painting for a while (too long), I at least tried to take a few still life photos of my new tea pot and cup. Still life photography is something I want to try out and get into this year. The light wasn't good, but I enjoyed the editing process. And I got something other than renaming, moving and deleting photos done.


  1. The thing about digital photography is that they rarely get printed, which is a shame isn't it? I have lost a lot of photo's in the past from PC's... There is nothing better than flicking through a proper photo album! I have so many old ones. I really must start printing them again :0)

  2. I'm still cheering you on, as I also went through that task and know the pain of it!!!
    But you will be so happy when it's done.Thanks for sharing your lovely still life as well.