Sunday 22 March 2015

A quick photoshoot, and my first little stop motion film experiment

What do you do when you've got tons of stuff to do? Exactly. You try out something new instead of getting on with your stuff and getting it done. Preferably Something completely different. Something new. Which, because you haven't done it before, takes up loads of time.

I came across a tutorial for a stop motion film the other day, which I thought was really cool, and I wanted to try it out myself as soon as possible. In the tutorial, the film (made of a series of photograph), was made in iMovie. Hurray, I thought. I have iMovie. Unfortunately, when I opened my iMovie, it looked completely different than the one in the tutorial, with none of the buttons anywhere to be seen, and much less options. I somehow managed to figure out how to change the lenght of the film, but I'll have to spend some time figuring out how it works, where to find what, and how to create films the way I want them to look - and how to upload them so that they look the way I want them to. But apart from the frustrations, it has been great fun to create this little film.

Having taken out and set up all the equipment, I took the time to shoot some other things as well. I remember years and years back, when Granny Smith apples first appeared in the shops, how special and exciting we thought them, all bright green and shiny. I've been thinking recently, while shopping, that I haven't seen any Granny Smith in the supermarket for quite some time. What happened to them, I wondered. Did they still exist? A couple of weeks back, I happened to be in Germany for a day, and there, in a supermarket, I saw them. Of course I had to buy some, and I've been wanting to take photos of them for the past two weeks. I think they look just terrific.

I've been stressing myself out with my photo organising project, and I'm beginning to feel that I've been overdoing it. Those hours and hours at the computer after work and at the weekend. Today, my head feels like it's going to explode any minute. Good thing that I've got a little holiday coming up. And playing around with the photos and iMovie today has been a nice break. I still have loads of hours of importing photos into Lightroom to do, but I'm trying to take it a bit easier when I'm back from my holiday, all relaxed and full of energy again (and hopefully, with that constant headache gone).

But now I better start packing...

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  1. I love the little stop motion film - I wasn't really sure what it was until I watched it and then of course it made sense - what a clever subject to film as well!! You really do have a wonderful eye for a photograph - making everyday items look special and yes, I remember granny smiths - funny I don't think I've noticed them in the shops for a while either but I'll be looking out for them now! I hope you have a wonderful holiday although you do realise that you'll no doubt come back with even more photos to catalogue!