Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Four more bowls

Another four bowls are finished. I decided to glaze them all with the same two glazes, "vintage green" on the inside, and "elderflower" on the outside. I like the textured effect of both of them, and I think they go well together. And I managed to make not a too bad job of the glazing, although this time, it got almost a bit too thick on the outside. But you can't really see that.

My "collection" of bowls is growing, and I don't really know quite what to do with them all. Most of them are too wonky to be given away as presents. I've thrown the last time I was in class, two weeks ago, and hopefully, they'll turn out well and can be used for something. As small salad bowls, maybe.

While three of the four new bowls are again "eggbowls", this one I'm really pleased with. It's the first one that I did all by myself, where I managed to open it without loosing the centre, and where I finally, and for the first time, succeeded in pulling the wall. The trimming also went well (after having ruined the one I trimmed before that, but it was a particularly ugly and wonky one, so it wasn't a great loss). And the glazing went okay too.

Two weeks ago, we got the form for the new class, which will start straight after this one, in April. I singed up again, but almost immediately regretted it a bit when I got home that same day. The course programme of another school had just arrived by post that day, where I had taken a portrait class two or three years ago. I had really enjoyed it, and always wanted to go there again.

I really enjoy pottery class, but it's all getting a bit too much. If it was the only thing I was doing, it would be different. But it isn't. And I can't do it at home, only in class. And it's quite expensive too. So, I've decided to take the next class I've signed up for, but not to continue when that class finishes in summer. Instead, I want to concentrate on my drawing and painting, and take that portrait class again in autumn. And if I want to take another pottery class again some time, well I can just always go back, and make some more wonky "eggbowls" to add to the collection.

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  1. I think these look really rustic and gorgeous! Just my cup of tea! So clever :0)