Friday, 21 March 2014

100 portraits: #29 and #30

Two more portraits done, and almost a third of my goal of 100 completed. I tried out two very different techniques with these two. For the first I used four or five different pencils, from HB to 6B, and a blending stick, to get the shading very smooth and blended. The second focuses on the shape of the head in the profile, with next to now shading at all. Both were fun to do, and a good exercise to explore different ways of drawing.

Felicity Strong (#29) and Beth Morley (#30).


  1. Love these portraits and the different ways of drawing.

  2. Vad du är flitig! Jag gav upp lite när det gäller min utmaning att teckna 365 ansikten under 2013, men jag ska göra klart resten någon gång. När jag får tid!

  3. They just get better and better! The shading is wonderful! 0)
    It'll be lovely to look back on all 100 faces and see how your style evolves from beginning to end!