Friday, 14 March 2014

A weekend trip to sunny England

I couldn't have chosen a better weekend for my trip to England than last weekend. After all the stormy, rainy weather that has been going on in Britain basically since Christmas, I was expecting it to be, well,  cool, wet, and stormy. But instead I had 6 days without a single drop of rain! And while it was a bit cool, grey, and windy on Thursday, Monday, and Tuesday, it was warm and bright sunshine from Friday til Sunday.

I knew I wasn't going to do any sketching while I was there, but I still packed my sketchbook, some pens and pencils, and a small box of watercolours for the journey. The airplane sketch was a bit scary to do, and rather confusing, but I think I can just about get away with the perspective not being entirely right. I added the paint, and did another sketch - of my cup of tea - on the 2 1/2 hour train journey from Woking down to Dorset.

Nordljus airplane sketch

I had only a water reservoir brush and a tiny mixing palette with me, and while I think that the water reservoir brush is indeed very useful for travelling, I must admit that I don't really like it very much. I much prefer a proper watercolour brush, or better, a selection of proper watercolour brushes, and one or two ceramic palettes for mixing. But it's better than nothing, and it made the time pass by quickly.

Nordljus pumpkin tea sketch

On the way home, I had to wait about two hours at Heathrow, and while it would have been just the most perfect place for sketching - people sitting around waiting, reading, playing with their gadgets... - I just didn't have the energy to take out my sketchbook, and instead spent the time there, and on the plane, reading my book, or marvelling at the lights of the cities, towns and villages below. We flew right over London City on our approach to Heathrow, and for once, I happened to sit on the right side. Doesn't Tower Bridge look tiny compared to the buildings around? I just love to look at the world from up high.

I took some pictures with my proper camera too while I was there. Mostly of sheep. There are a lot of sheep in Dorset. And they have such beautiful faces.

Nordljus Sheep

Nordljus Sheep

And of seagulls. There are loads of seagulls too, along the coast. And we spent quite some time on the pier in West Bay, trying to get some good shots of seagulls in flight. They can be quite annoying. But they are fascinating birds too.

Nordljus Seagull

And of course some land- and seascape shots too.

Nordljus Dorset West Bay

Nordljus Weymouth Beach

Nordljus MaidenCastle Poundbury Dorset


  1. You came on the right weekend- the weather was so nice. Love your photos and sketches. That last picture of the hill view is so dreamy!

  2. So you were in Dorset? The West Country? Such a beautiful place and it received the worst of the weather! We are further to the East along the South Coast. So glad the weather was kind and it has remained so - Hurrah! And I so enjoyed your beautiful sketches! :0)

  3. Ah, beautiful photos of some really nice memories. SO glad we had good weather!!

  4. Underbara bilder! Jag älskar får!