Thursday, 15 August 2013

And another painting job done

After having spent hours painting my little storage box table thingy, I had quite enough of painting pieces of furniture, especially such with loads of holes in it. But then there was this little wooden folding table, plain and simple, and very useful, but not really very attractive. I kept it in the basement, only taking it up ocasionally, when needed. Certainly not something I would want standing around in my home. 

Like my box table, I had wanted to paint it for ages. But although I could hardly stretch my aching back, and hardly hold a brush with my blistered fingers, I knew that if I didn't paint it now, it would stand around in the basement for another 5 years, and anyway, I still had some paint left, and I would never be able to open that tin of paint every again if I didn't use up the paint now.

So off I went again. With all its flat surfaces and no holes, it should be a quick job. And it was. After those endless holes, painting the table was a delight.

And thanks to the fast drying primer, acrylic paint and varnish, I was finished in less than half a day. And what a difference it made! This little table certainly won't go down into the basement again.

I want to mainly use it as a neutral surface for photography, such as for taking pictures of these lovely wooden horses from Sweden, which I took for my next post in my "Stockholm i mitt hjärta" series, which I'll be posting very soon, hopefully.

But now, I really don't fancy any furniture painting for some time!


  1. I need a similar thing for taking photos of stuff. Can I have yours please? Thanks very much ;-)