Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter & A new Moleskine journal page

When I did my Gelli printing the day before yesterday, I used a page from an old journal to roll off the excess paint on the brayer. Well, it would have been a pity to just throw it away, especially as it was the perfect size for a background in my Moleskine art journal, which I haven't used in ages.

Pasting down the background page and cutting off the paper around the edges. I love the rounded corners of the Moleskine.

Just added a circle and some dripping in my favourite liquid acrylic colours at the moment - Genesis Green and the metallic Platinum Pink.

Adding some words and details. March has been an eventful month, which brought about some unexpected change in the last few days. The "new shores" are only local yet, and only concerning one part of my life, but I'm still dreaming up bigger dreams. Sounding all about mysterious? I know, but it's all so fresh yet, that I still need a little bit time to get my head round it all before talking about it.

I love how my Moleskine journal gets fatter and bulkier with all the textures on each page.

I'm going to have a lazy Sunday now, after having been woken up in the middle of the night by the church bells calling the churchgoers to the late night Easter service for 15 minutes at full blast at eleven, and then being woken up this morning by the Easter concert from the Methodist church next door, and more church bells from the other churchs for morning service. And I thought this was going to be a quiet little holiday... And on top of it all everything was white outside this morning, and it just started snowing again. It's a never ending story this year.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday, whichever way you're going to spend it!


  1. Your Gelli print makes the best background to hold such a mysterious quote! Fingers crossed the excitement is something you wanted! Would love it if you'd share this with the April Gelli Print Party!

  2. There's a group for this even?

    I love to see how theses pages develop as each new layer goes on, and my favourite colors too - blue/turquoise and greens/yellows.

  3. It is a gorgeous page! With all these layers I am only surprised that you are able to close your book! :0)