Monday, 12 November 2012

AEDM days 5 to 12 (minus day 10)

Last week has been a very busy week at work, including having to stay at a hotel for two nights, a very very long Friday, and working on Saturday as well. I did manage to do some sketching on most days though, but I didn't have any time at all for keeping up my blog, or visit any other blogs. But now the busy time's finally over, and things should get back to normal again.

5/11/2012 ~ AEDM Day 5: Dalahästen

These carved wooden horses have a long history and they are very pretty too. They're usually painted in bright colours, the most common one being red, but my favourite one is this plain wooden one with white pattern.

6/11/2012 ~ ADEM Day 6: My Cup of Tea

When inspiration's just gone on a little tea break and you just really don't know what to draw, simply draw what's next to you. Like your favourite tea mug.

7/11/2012 ~ AEDM Day 7: Doorstopper

And if you still don't know what to draw the day after, just take the next closest thing that's lying around. Like this turquoise paint tube-shaped doorstopper. Not that I've ever really used it as a doorstopper.

8/11/2012 ~ AEDM Day 8: Fighting that Cough

Trying to get rid of that annoying cough with cough syrup and sage pastilles. They seem to be working.

9/11/2012 ~ AEDM Day 9: The Conference

The best thing to do to pass the time at the conference was to just sketch it.

10/11/2012 ~ AEDM Day 10:

Sorry, no sketch. After an intense and exhausting two conference days, I just didn't have the energy to do even a simple little sketch.

11/11/2012 ~ AEDM Day 11: Leaves

Spent all day on the sofa, reading or watching films, and recovering from the conference and all the preparations it required. It was raining cats and dogs all day, so that was just a perfect excuse too. And I even remembered to do a little sketch. Just some simple leaves.

12/11/2012 ~ AEDM Day 12: Clementines

I always love the first clementines, they're always the best.


  1. May favourite is the horse! I have never seen them before and now i am wondering where i might get one :D

  2. Wonderful assortment of sketches, Kay! That doorstop has me it one that wedges under the door or is it a large, weighted one that stands in front of the piece! Well done on sketching despite your busy days and having a nasty cough. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Love your sketches. Great shading! and I like the placement of your journaling.

  4. Fantastic texture on the skin of that clementine. Goodness knows how you get that so accurate in a "sketch!" Incredible. Are they drinking wine at your conference? That's one way of making it more exciting, I suppose. Not that it was boring, of course, I'm sure. Love the doorstop and the swirls of light in your tea - great sense of movement in a static object. More top stuff and worth the wait. Get well soon. No, NOW!

  5. What a great selection of sketches! Brilliant!

  6. So much goodness! You know my heart belongs to the dalahäst, but they are all fabulous! Love the sketch from your conference (yes, if that's wine, that's my kind of conference...livens it up a bit!), and the skin of the orange is fantastic.