Sunday, 4 November 2012

AEDM days 2 to 4, and day 1 with a splash of colour

My intended "quick sketches" are turning out to take much longer to do, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the process, whether it's a quick lunch time sketch with some colour added in the evening, a relaxing evening sketch, a sneaky sketch during art class or an early Sunday morning warm up sketch before spending the rest of the day painting.

2/11/2012 ~ AEDM Day 2: Basic Tools

 Some of my very basic brushes (some of them are simple pastry brushes from the supermarket) and my favourite green water jar.

3/11/2012 ~ AEDM Day 3: The Artist

M painting teacher at work. Unfortunately, it doesn't look anything like him. I'm still far away from getting a real likeness when trying to sketch people. But the first step is to practise sketching people at all - and getting quicker at it. Why can't people just stand still?

4/11/2012 ~ AEDM Day 4: A Pocket Full of Pink

I received a pocketful of Pink the other day, including these lovely buttons. Just perfect for sketching on a Sunday morning.

And the Ginkgo sketch from Day 1 got a bit of colour too:

Have a wonderful, creative Sunday!


  1. Love the subtle colours on the brushes. It probably only took you a short time but I would have spent a week trying to paint that, and still wouldn't have got close. Good proportions on the artist - we don't know what he looks like, so it looks fine to us!

    Nice buttons, which reminds me... ;o)

  2. I bet your teacher is thrilled you painted him...the brushes painting is are clever:)

  3. The Artist has such a beautiful essence of focussed relaxation.

  4. Your sketches are awesome. Love your buttons and brushes. Great!!!

  5. Wonderful sketches, I look forward to seeing more :)

  6. Your work is very beautiful, I look forward to following you blog :-) (came across you via creative everyday)

  7. your pages are awesome... love the buttons soooo much... and the brushes... I use pastry brushes as well... they are great for dry brushing in texture aren't they...xx

  8. Du bist eine Farbmeisterin! bin begeistert von all den Sketchen und den schönen Knöpfen!

  9. These are all lovely.. . each in its own way.

  10. Lovely drawings and so very well painted! =)

  11. Your sketches are gorgeous! I would just love to flick through your sketchbook over a cuppa :0):0)