Monday, 16 July 2012

Back home again

Back home again after a great 2 1/2 week's holiday in England, where, with the Queen's jubilee earlier this year, and the Olympic games later this month, virtually everything is blue, red and white.

I had taken some water soluble coloured pencils with me to work in my storyboard sketchbook, but I wasn't happy with the pencils, so instead I went to my  favourite art shops in London and bought some paints, stains, inks, stamps... and started a new sketchbook/art journal. Staying in a student hall room without telly for the first 10 days, I happily spent some of my evenings collaging and painting away. With all the Union Jacks, or Union Flags (as it is usually called Union Jack only when at sea, although there seems to be some debate about the whole name business), and with having just purchased some red, white and blue paints, a Union Jack/Flag naturally had to go into my sketchbook.

I had the paints, a couple of brushes, and a water glas, but I hadn't really thought about a palette to mix my colours. A simple plastic carrier bag worked perfect as substitute palette.

I found some Liquitex soft body paints in one (and only that one) of the art shops in London. I really like them, they're perfectly smooth and creamy, but not too soft and runny. I just wish I could have bought more of them, as I haven't seen them anywhere here in Switzerland. But there's a limit to how many tubes of paint you can squeeze into a suitcase.


  1. Beautiful work and what nice you have such a great time in London. I can image me how happy you were with the buy of the paints. And I can also the feeling oh I would have bought more (haha).
    Lovely greet

  2. What a wonderful painted flag! and I like the balls also! :)

    Lucky you, having been in London, so fun that you went to your favourite shops. Maybe you can tell me the name of the paints or the shop? It's far too long since I was in London, but I have a friend visiting Scotland/England now and then.. :)

    Have fun with your new paints! :)

    and yes, even if I have palettes at home, I'm using some stiff paper, the back of an empty paper ploc.. acrylic block etc..

  3. What a wonderful painted flag! and I also like the balls! :)

    So good to be in London, I guess.. it's far too long since I was there..!
    and so fun that you went to your favorite shop to buy some paints. What is the name of the paints, if you would like to tell me.. :) or the name of your favorite shop?
    A friend of mine is visiting Scotland/England quite often..

    I have some palettes at home, but I more often use the back side of a paper block, acrylic block etc..

    Have fun with your new paints! :)

  4. Glad you had a good time, and managed to get some arting done! That page is really cool (yeah, you can't really avoid red,white and blue at the's everywhere)

    Oh, and next time you're in London/ England we should meet up!

  5. This is beautiful! I loved my vacation a couple of years ago to England and you have inspired me with your Union Jack! I take for granted how easy it is to get supplies here in the US.

  6. Oh my goodness - you couldn't have picked a worse year weather wise, to visit England, lol! I am sure it has been the wettest year ever! That said, today it is dry and I am praying it lasts because the ground just can't take any more water! But it is a good year to visit whilst there is such a patriotic feel in the air. You can't go more than 100 yards in any direction without seeing a Union Jack! I love your new journal page too :0)

  7. wunderbar... nachdem ich insgeheim sehr anglophil bin seh ich das mit großem Wohlwollen..leider war ich nur einmal im Leben in London....

    ich beneide Dich ....
    auch wenn es viel geregnet hat!

    Schön, dass Du wieder gesund zu Hause bist!

    liebe Grüße

  8. You have done a brilliant job with your red, white and blue and I am glad you had a good time in England. I would love to know which shop is your favourite art shop in London.
    Have fun:)

  9. Love the union jack page... which ever one it is called... really never understand debates about things like that... glad you had fun though and spent time in plenty of art supply stores... did you go to the Tate modern... one day I will get to go there... glad you are back though so we can get more of your artwork... you were missed...xx

  10. Good for you to craft on vacation! And welcome back.

  11. Brilliant! Who would have thought a plastic bag would make a good palette? Love that last photo - not bright and garish, but soft, subtle and faded like something from the 1940's. In fact a neighbour of mine has some old flags (bunting) hanging from his shed and it looks wonderful. I'm off now with my camera to get a photo, before it starts to rain again!