Tuesday, 19 June 2012

There's nothing wrong with change...

I searched the internet for some quotes about change, and got a whole list of then now to use in my new "change art journal". For the first journal page, I chose this great quote:  
There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.
The decision for change is not always up to us, but the direction we take it in is. It's up to us what we make of it, and which way we take. It's all about making the best of a situation, any situation. It's all about attitude. It's all up to us.

I wanted to use bright colours with strong contrast: Indigo (oh, I just love that colour!), Cadmium Red and Orange and Cobalt Teal (quickly turning into a favourite too) were just perfect for this.

What better symbol for change than the butterfly, which transforms from a clumsy looking (I wouldn't go as far as calling them ugly, as they're pretty amazing, really) hairy little caterpillar into the most elegant creature, delicate looking but yet strong, flying lightly through the air and sometimes covering thousands of miles,to follow its destiny.

I got the inspiration for the "butterfly flowers" at the bottom of the page from Christy Tomlinson. I've singed up for her e-course Your Living Canvas. It wasn't so much for the art part that I signed up (although I enjoy that as well), but because it sounded like a great way to reflect and analyse where you are in life, where you came from, and where you want to go, and translate that into journal pages as well. We're now in the fourth (I think) week of the course, and I must admit that I haven't really started seriously working on the exercises yet. Instead I've just played around creating the covers and a few first pages. I feel like I still need a bit of time to prepare and to get ready to tackle the "big issues".

I'm so motivated to work in this journal that I just had to go on, and by now I've got another finished page (with more "butterfly flowers") and two works in progress (with one of them I'm a little bit stuck at the moment). I hope to manage taking some pictures and sharing them later this week.


  1. Well this is so beautiful and inspiring. And that vibrant orange just sings out from the blue! It really is gorgeous!! :0)

  2. I love the butterflies. I'll be interested to read how you like the course when you complete it.

  3. Your journals are so incredible... Love the butterfly visual with the idea of change!

  4. Gorgeous page! I am taking the same workshop and like you, I have been enjoying watching Christy make art but have not done the exercises.

  5. WOW These colors! They are popping out of this amazing page...your art is so inspiring for me! Can´t get my eyes off of it! xoxox

  6. All the pages I have seen here are amazing. Love the colors, detail, texture, etc. I just love your style!!