Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Want!! But how do I get it???

My computer is driving me mad. It's getting slower and slower, and everything just takes ages. High time for a new one! I've been thinking about buying a new computer for quite a while now, and I've pretty much decided to do the switch and buy a Mac. So on Friday, I went to town really early in the morning to go to the Apple Store in time before the invasion of the masses.

It was my first time in there, and, I must admit, it was a totally confusing experience. All  of the staff seemed busy running around. What was I supposed to do to get one of them to help me find what I wanted/needed? There was a roped-off area where some people were queueing. There wasn't any sign or something that said "Queue here for help/advice/service". No directions either for what was on the floor below. Everyone seemed to know exactly what to do and where to go, except me. So at the end, I just had a look around at all the stuff, and then left to go to H&M go get a replacement for my favourite sweatpants that are falling apart. At least I know now which one of the two iMacs I want. The smaller one will do perfectly for me.

Well, it might take some more time until I'll actually have that thing on my desk. At the moment, I'm contemplating mail ordering  to avoid another confusing visit to the Apple Store. So I just drew myself a little iMac for the time being, until I've decided how and where to get it.

My mobile phone is driving me mad too. It's at least 5 years old, which in mobile phone technology means that it's pretty much archaeology material. The batteries last about a day at most, and frequently die on me some time during the day. I know what I want to replace it with, I just wish mobile phones and services weren't so terribly expensive here in Switzerland (at least if you're older than about 15 or so, and/or happen to be a faithful, reliable longtime customer who always pay their bills in time)!

So, I just keep drawing, until I've saved the money for the real thing :)

The one thing that worries me a little bit about getting an expensive, shiny, all new computer is that it will be standing on my work deks. My good old laptop is covered with paint splashes, which often requires scrolling up and down in order to be able to read text properly. I really wouldn't want this to happen to a brand new computer. I'll have to think of something.

Oh dear, life can be so challenging at times.... ;)


  1. I need a new computer too, but why is Mac better? I see that everywhere but I don´t know what the difference is. I do have an iPhone though, and I love it som maybe...

    I completely understand that you consider ordering a computer instead of going to the store again. I hate it when I don´t get help.

  2. You are brave. I would need my hand holding if I decided to buy a computer. My better half always comes to the rescue...I would'nt have a clue what I wanted.
    You seem well organised and got it all sussed.
    My mobile phone is older than yours; if I posted up a photo of it you would have a good giggle...

  3. LOL at dashing out of the Apple store and into H&M! I know that feeling!
    Good luck withe the new computer purchase. My iphone is really old and really slow.

  4. ...tolle sketches und lieben Dank für Deinen Kommentar bei mir! Verzasca ist traumhaft, habe auch so schöne Fotos und Erinnerungen daran. Du machst tolle Fotos, ich follow Dir, damit ich sie nicht verpasse ;-)