Sunday, 25 March 2012

Evening walk

My muse seems to have taken a few days off. I just didn't have any energy at all to pick up a paint brush, or even a pen, these last few days, and when I did, I just got even more frustrated. So I forced myself to go for an evening walk, taking with me my camera, which I had rather neglected for some time now, and my 50mm lens, which I really have neglected for months.

I like to put my camera on the ground to see nature, and with it things, life, from a different perspective.

A walk through the woods always helps to clear the mind and restore some energy. And I even got out my paints and brushes this weekend. Hope the muse has returned from her early spring holiday now!


  1. Your photos are inspiring! You are so right about changing your perspective- I have seen these little flowers all around but never noticed how beautiful they are until I saw your photos!

  2. Your muse obviously went walking with you. These photographs are stunning , capturing so much detail. I love how you chose which areas to have in focus.

    Muse or no muse...keep going for walks and don't forget your camera:)

  3. My comment has gone....perhaps you are moderating. I just never pay attention:)

  4. breathtaking! I just recently got a new camera. Id love to learn to capture photos like this.....