Thursday, 26 January 2012

On my palette ~ green, green, green

I read about the Palette & Paint Blog Party last week, on Tracey Fletcher King's blog, and I thought it just sounded marvelous. Palette & Paint is hosted by Tracey Grgig Potter (don't miss visiting he blogs of both Traceys, they're fabulous!) and the idea is to share one's palette and paint. It's always interesting to see how others work, what paints, colours, techniques, materials are used, it's so inspiring.

I'm still working on my "landscape with trees" painting, and therefore the greens dominate my palette at the moment. Green is one of my favourite colours. It has a wonderful feel of calm, comfort and nature. It's a happy colour.

I'm playing around with different kinds of greens, such as Olive green, Olive green deep, Olive green light (I like my olive greens...), Chromium oxide green, Perylene green, Permanent sap green. But also some basic Cyan blue and Lemon yellow to mix some more greens. And some Titanium white, of course, can't do without that. And last but not least, some Cadmium red deep hue to add some colour and contrast.

I didn't manage to take a new picture of my painting last night to go with these, so for this post, I'm afraid, it's just my paint and palette. But I hope to manage to post one tomorrow, for Paint Part Friday, and do a bit better for next week's P&P.

Hop over to the Paint & Palette Blog Party to see what others have on their palette!


  1. Wowzah! Your paints looks so lush and beautiful, so many great shades of green! You're fantastic at taking photos, always so crisp.

    Thanks for linking up with P&P this week, it's wonderful to have you on board. Your comment about mine (and Tracey FK's) blog being worth the visit, was very touching. Tracey FK lives a few streets over. She is so nice,lovely and funny in real life, it a treasure to catch up with her over TEA.

    With your permission, I don't mind using your PPF photo of your 'landscape with trees' painting for the showcase this week. Just let me know.


    1. Thank you, Tracey! I didn't know the two of you lived so close together. Yes, just use the PPF photo. I'll post one tomorrow too, if I manage. Just take whatever works best. Thanks for hosting the party! :)

  2. I just love the image of the paint all ready on a palette....all those greens and a splash of pink and yellow .........a picture in its own right!

  3. On one hand I am glad you linked up to show us your palette and on the other I am now really freaked out that even your photos of your palette are wonderful and creative... have to put a bit more time and effort into mine next time... it is funny that Tracey and I live so close... we still don't manage to get together often enough though... we catch up on line more often than face to face... how crazy is that... have a great week...xx

  4. Gorgeous greens here, and your images are incredible! Very inspiring!