Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Art Every Day Month: Day 30

The last day of November today, and with it the last day of Art Every Day Month. Time certainly flies by when you are creative! It was a great experience, and made me try out and get into some new things, techniques and supplies, which I really enjoyed. I also profited from the challenge of trying to do something small (almost) every day. It doesn't have to be a big painting on canvas every time. A little sketch, a drawing, watercolour pencils... it's such a good exercise to just do something, anything, no matter how small, every day. I actually didn't do something on each and every day. I had one or two days when I just didn't had the time, or simply wasn't inspired. It happens, and it's okay too. But I managed to do something on most of the day, which is actually a lot more than I expected. So I'm really happy. And the community of all the Art Every Day Month participants has been so inspiring and rewarding! The talent and creativity out there is really amazing!

A big thank you to Leah Piken Collidas of Creative Every Day, who hosted the challenge and who gave us a platform to share our work and connect with each other. Thank you!

And so here is my last contribution to Art Every Day Month. Two days ago, when I posted my unenthusiastic Saint Nichoals, Nigel asked for a reindeer, and how could I possibly ignore his request. So here is it, a little reindeer in the  snow just for you, Nigel :). (Click here for some music to go with it)

He looks a bit exhausted, poor chap. I first thought it was because of all the work he has to do this time of the year, but then I remembered that the present delivery service doesn't start until later next month. So my conclusion is that he's a little bit drunk, naughty little thing. But maybe a glass of red wine is just the right thing now, to celebrate a whole month of creating art (almost) every day. Cheers to all my fellow participants!

Actually, Art Every Day Month is not the only challenge Leah hosts. In the past three years, she has also hosted the Creative Every Day Challenge, and I've been so inspired this month, that I'm seriously thinking about joining this challenge, if she will host it again next year. There's a theme for each month, and I really like this idea. (I have been doing a similar thing with Picture Inspiration, where we are given a prompt each week for a photograph. It is a great challenge and inspiration to come up with something for a theme I wouldn't necessarily have thought about myself.) Even though it is called an "every day challenge", it doesn't actually mean that you have to  post something every day, which really would be absolutely impossible. Also, "creativity" is meant in a very broad sense.

Well, I'm definitely going to miss Art Every Day Month, but to be honest, I'm also quite looking forward to taking a bit slower again. These past few days especially, where I tried to do and post something every day, have been exhausting (I feel a little bit like my litte reindeer), and I definitely need to catch up on some sleep! But if there's going to be a Creative Every Day Challenge for 2012, I'm almost certainly in!


  1. I love your reindeer, I can imagine all the snow around him; they are such lovely creatures. I once saw some in Scotland and they looked really very sweet and friendly; like yours.
    Have fun:)

  2. Ha Ha Ha!! Or should I say "Ho Ho Ho?" Brilliant! I can't believe you took that little challenge, but more than that, you really did make a wonderful reindeer (with your sanguine crayon). He just needs a nice bowl of soup and I'm sure he'll be ready to deliver all his parcels to me(!). I think that is the essence of "art every day" - art can be small, instantaneous and fun. And this really made me smile and laugh this evening. Thank you! And if there is a "Creative Every Day Challenge" for 2012 I am seriously tempted to join it myself!!

    So, to continue the "Christmas Tune Every Day" theme (this is becoming a musical advent calendar!), here is the next link...


  3. Funny how your little reindeer reflected your exhaustion - I, too, thoroughly enjoyed AEDM, but am very happy to go back to a more laid-back blogging style. The one thing I don't want to go back to is hardly ever taking time for art - it is the one time when I am able to really forget everything else going on around me. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments you left for me during the month! I will be back to visit your blog often - it is always fun to see what you have been working on!

  4. Det är lite sorgligt att AEMD är över, men samtidigt skönt att kunna måla annat än hundar :)
    Din ren är jättesöt.

    Jag skriver på svenska så du får träna, och för att det är lättare för mig :)

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Nigel: I'm glad you like the reindeer! :) And what a lovely version of the song this is (I, of course, only have the Dean Martin version...). There actually will be a Creative Every Day Challenge for 2012, I really hope you'll join too!

    Elin: I can imagine that you're glad to paint something else than your little dog for a change! I'm always happy to read Swedish :). I should probably practise writing a little bit too...