Friday, 7 October 2011

Autumn has arrived

The Altweibersommer (Indian summer, literally translated something like "old hags' summer") seems to be definitely over, and autumn has arrived for good. The temperature has dropped significantly, it's cool, grey and rainy.

But if you take a few seconds to stop on your way from rushing from the train station to your warm, welcoming home fter a long day's work, after a long, exhausting week of commuting and working, there are autumn's colours emerging everywhere around, or, as Robert Louis Stevenson calls it "Autumn Fires".

Well, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more autumn fires flaring up everywhere around me, and I'm really, really, glad summer's heat's over for good :) (even though it really is rather chilly right now...maybe time for a hot white chocolate??)


  1. Yes, it's got quite a bit colder over the last two nights here too. Brrrr..

    Love the colour in this photo, and a nice, warming poem to match. There are some trees just round the corner from me which turn an amazing red colour like this, and almost overnight. I looked at them today though and they are still incredibly bright green. I must take a photo tomorrow and then again in a few days.

    Have a wonderfully cosy, toasty, white chocolatey weekend!

  2. Brrr indeed! It's freezing in the flat, as my landlady's been away on holiday and the heating's not turned on yet. Even more reason for hot white chocolate :). It really is delicious, though my favourite really is mint chocolate. Must remember to stock up on it in England later this week, as no such thing is available over here.

    You certainly should take pictures of that tree, to document the change! It's just amazing, isn't it. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture or two! Hope you had a great weekend too, enjoy your Sunday evening!