Monday, 15 August 2011

A day in the mountains ~ in search of the berries

My mum knows a few excellent spots for blueberry picking up in the mountains around Klosters, and on Saturday morning, we went up there looking for those juicy berries - my absolute favourites ever since I was a child.

We went up to Monbiel, parked the car, took a look back down the valley, and then walked off, following the path, gently upwards, leading us eventually to the woods.

I kept looking back, taking pictures. Mainly because the sun was right in front of me, and very bright up there, but also because the view really is nice, and I just loved those big clouds hovering over the peaks.

Following the path along green alpine meadows full of wild flowers in all shapes and colours. And a few fences for Fence Friday, which I managed to completely forget (I was much too exhausted last Friday to do anything at all once I was back home in the evening. More about that coming later on, making a big chronological mess, but who cares anyway :) ).

And always looking back, taking in the ever changing views. Wouldn't it be nice to live up here, in one of those cottages? Or at least spend a week, or even just a few daysm up here? Just imagine the silence in the evening!

Did we find the blueberries in the hidden clearing full of blueberry bushes in the woods, and return home ladden with those freshly picked wild mountain delicacies, turning them into delicious pies, mixing them with creamy yoghurt, or just eating them straight out of the dish? Well, we'll see...

P.S. Although it's already feeling quite like autumn up there, it's not yet quite that yellowy looking, but still very green all around, both the and  trees. The autumn touch mainly comes from the marvelous texture by Shadowhouse Creations I've used here. I just love that texture!


  1. Oh, this is all too cruel. OK, so I have the sea just a few minutes away, but to get to the mountains I have to find my passport! I have always thought that if I could ever afford a little holiday place, even just a small cabin, I would like it to be in the mountains, just like this. But you can just go in the car to pick fruit and take photos whenever you want! Grrr..

    And these are really beautiful photos and so perfect with Shadowhouse's textures - I like his stuff a lot.

    And that's another thing - where are all the people? How fabulous to have so much space to yourselves. Can you imagine what it's like here at the seaside now? And it's horribly hot!

    So come on, put us out of our misery (or maybe into even more misery!) and show us the wondrous delights you feasted on, no doubt with blueberry juice in your hair and all over your hands and clothes!!

  2. Hej! Tittade in för att jag var lite nyfiken på vem du var och såg i inlägget här nedanför att jag borde kunna skriva en kommentar på svenska, eller hur? Din blogg ser jättefin ut och inspiration kan man aldrig få för mycket av. Jag kommer tillbaka och tittar och läser mer när jag har lite mer tid.