Friday, 19 August 2011


Summer's now finally arrived here, with much delay, and, in my opinion, rather unnecessarily. I don't like summer very much, and I don't like sunshine very much. Long, cold, dark winter nights, the world outside all white, warm lights inside a comfortable, welcoming home, thick wollen socks, a big mug of hot white cholocate, big snowflakes falling noiselessly down outside my window are much more to my taste. The only thing I really like about summer are the thunder storms. Hopefully, we'll have one tonight!

Textures: Shadowhoues Creations

It's my day off today, outside, the temperature is around 30 degrees, and it's hot and humid, and I'm doing the only reasonable thing - I'm staying inside the house. All day. All weekend. And all of next week I would too, if I could and didn't have to go to work, as summer has apparently decided to hang around for a bit now.

So I'm staying inside the house, spending the time doing things that need to be done, going through my pictures, old winter picures, dreaming of cooler days, longing for winter, snow, ice, the north, another place, another life, listening to my favourite songs, dark, melancholic songs, which bring back memories of times gone by and places where I felt at home.

Maybe I'll go outside a bit later on, when it's cooled down at least a little bit, when the sun has set behind the mountain. But maybe not. I'm looking forward to having the snow scrunching underneath my warm winter boots again, in a few months, hopefully. I feel so much better in thick wollen jumpers and scarfs and winter boots than in t-shirts, skimpy dresses and sandals, and I look much better in them as well, believe me.

Textures: Shadowhouse Creations

So I'm staying in, drinking a glass of cold water with homemade mint syrup, and planning my next summer's holiday: Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, the North Pole... ;)


  1. Aww, it sounds like you're having a "down" day today. I know exactly what you mean about the heat - anything above 24 degrees I find very uncomfortable, but fortunately we don't get too many days like that in England. I listened to that folk song and it sounds beautiful - a wonderful mood, but of course I didn't understand a single word. When I translated it on google, most of it made no sense, but the general theme was indeed quite sad, and got me thinking of sad things too.

    How do you lift your spirits when you are feeling like this, or do you just hide away and wait for it to pass? I have to force myself to go out for a walk - the longer the better - even if it is hot. It always works just enough, even if I really don't want to.

    Do your ancestors come from colder climates, like Scandinavia I wonder, or even rainy Britain..? I'm sure there will be a reason within you or your past, but you also have so much inside you today, in this life that makes you unique and special, and I know from your artistic eye, your creativity and your enthusiasm to challenge yourself that you do see and do many wonderful things in your life today - it's good to look again at your photos to remind yourself of these things from time to time.

    I wish you a cool and relaxing weekend, filled with tea and cake and birdsong!

  2. Thank you, Nigel. It's still awfully hot and humid here, and unfortunately, it's going to stay like this for the next few days... :(

    I find a walk usually helpful as well, although in this weather, it's definitely not an option for me. But processing pictures, and playing around with some paints also helps to take ones mind off other things. :)

    The lyrics of the song are from a poem by Dan Andersson (1888-1920). I haven't quite understood the meaning of it completely, but love the melancholic mood of it. There are more like it on the CD, which is called Svarta Ballader (black ballads).

    I'm quite convinced that there must be some ancestors who came from the very north, somewhere way back. And somehow, the longing for the north has passed down on to me. At least that's my theory. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one with that longing. Everyone else in my family seems to be quite happy where they are...