Thursday, 24 March 2011

* the secret of patience is doing something else in the meanwhile *

I'm still without camera and waiting, patiently, to hear from the camera shop that my camera is ready. I still have a little hope that they'll call tomorrow, which would allow me to go and pick it up Saturday afternoon, after my painting class. Which would mean that I'd be able to go out on Sunday to take some spring pictures. But then, I'm a born pessimist...

So I went through some of last year's spring pictures instead. I read about this colour palette idea on the Divas & Dreams blog and liked it a lot, and of course wanted to try it out myself, and as I can't take any spring pictures at the moment, it was the perfect thing to get some spring colours on to my blog :-).

I took these pictures nearly a year ago, just after I got my camera. It was the very beginning of my photographic journey and I was using the "beginner's" mode - landscape, close-up etc. I didn't really have any idea yet about how to handle my camera. Most of the pictures are really useless, and by going through some of them I managed to free quite some space on my memory drive :-). But some of them aren't really that bad at all. Just the odd lucky shot, I suppose :-). I'm so looking forward to getting my camera back and to taking spring pictures again and to comparing them to last year's and seeing the progress I've made since then and what I've learned in these last 12 months.


  1. I really like this, even the coloured lettering along the bottom. Sometimes I think we get too occupied with all the technical elements of making a good photograph, and then all the photoshop editing afterwards, that we easily forget the basic things we thought about when we first started.
    It's good to go back and see what you were doing a year ago. I often think I was better a year ago than I am today! Now THAT's pessimism!

    Have a great weekend, with or without camera.

  2. Oh, how pretty.
    What happened to your camera?

  3. @Nigel: Yes, I agree, sometimes it's not helpful thinking too much about the technical side, and especially when it comes to post processing, where there are so many possibilities. On the other hand, a little bit of technical knowledge does help to get better pictures, or at least pictures that turn out more the way I want them to.

    @SuperDewa: It's just one of those rubber plastic thingies for better grip (whatever they're called) that's coming off a bit and needs to be glued on. But I'll definitely have it back by tonight :-)