Sunday, 9 January 2011

{Day 9} ~ Bundle Up

Today's prompt for Picture Winter: "Bundle Up"

In winter, you have to "bundle up to head out into the winter world". No problem for me, I love bundling up in warm woolly seaters, scarves, wristlets and layers and layers of warm clothes. Skimpy summer dresses really aren't for me. I'm a true winter girl :-).

The horrible dark circles under my eyes come from spending virtually the whole weekend at the computer working through the PSE lessons. I think I overdid it slightly...

One of the things I learnt today is how to do grungy frames - you can see my creations here. With the help of grungy brushes form Shadowhouse Creations and my favourite ornaments from MouritsaDA .

Soon I'll be making my own brushes and textures. Yay! :-)

Textures by rubyblossom and Kim Klassen.

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  1. Just spotted this in the "you might also like..." section that appears at the end of your blog posts. Very cute! You can't possibly do any work at all in those gloves, so just for that reason they are perfect! You must be getting quite excited with winter just around the corner now, though you wouldn't realise it here at the moment - 30 degrees over this weekend - hottest October in history and hotter than any day during summer! I'm hoping for a storm tonight to clear the air.

    Someone said we might get snow later in the month! I don't know if I should be getting my winter sweaters out or buy more t-shirts!