Saturday, 8 January 2011

{Day 8} ~ Texture Seekers

Prompt for Day 8 for Picture Winter: "Texture Seekers"

I spent the morning working through another lesson of the skinny PSE course by Kim Klassen learning how to create mosaics. When I saw todays assignment for Picture Winter, I thought it would just be perfect so nipped into the kitchen to take a few shots before working through the lesson. So this is it, my first ever mosaic. Yay!

The assingment was not just to look for textures today, but for textures in the kitchen. The light was just perfect this morning so I there's no processing at all, all three pictures are SOOC (yes, I can hold myself back :-) ). And yes, I admit. Sunlight can be good. Sometimes.

I'm useless at cooking but I just love those shiny kitchen utensils :-)

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