Thursday, 6 January 2011

{Day 5} ~ Intended For Everyday Use

Prompt for Day 5 for Picture Winter: Intended for Everyday Use

Last year on New Year's Day, I started a 5-year-diary. Five short lines a day to plot down whatever I consider note-worthy. I always use my favourite (and only) Caran D'Ache goldplated ballpoint pen which I got as a present from my Mum almost 15 years ago and which I love and treasure (and another thing I use almost daily). I try to turn the journaling into a daily routine but don't always manage.

At the time I started this, I was teaching myself to read and write the "Offenbach" script, an old German script which looks like this, and for some reason which I can't really quite recall, I started writing my entries in this script (though in English rather than German). I wonder if in 20 years time I'll be able to read it at all. Probably not...

Textures by les brumes and Pareeerica

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  1. you use textures really nicely with your photos. this is something i want to learn to do more of. i go through spurts. but then i get away from it.