Thursday, 6 January 2011

{Day 4} ~ A Little Sunshine

Today's prompt for PictureWinter: A Little Sunshine

I found the prompt for Day 4 really hard. We were supposed to look for something that reminded us of the sun, like happy polka dots, something to "substitute for sunshine when you really need it". And that's the problem: I'm not really a sun person and I'm not looking for sun. I'm very happy about the misty, grey days & hope they're here to stay for a while. 'Winter Blues' doesn't exist in my vocabulary, but I know all about 'Summer Blues' - weeks and weeks of long, hot, sunny days. So depressing. The only "sunny" thing I could think of in my home were these cards from my colour memory set. I wasn't happy with the photo so I played around with some texture, brushes and fancy fonts. I must say, I really quite enjoyed that part :-).
So here's a bit of sunshine from me to everyone who is feeling the Winter Blues and in need of a bit of sunshine :-)

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