Tuesday, 11 January 2011

{Day 11} ~ Warm Your Heart / {Week 9} ~ Teacup Love

Prompt for Day 11 for Picture Winter: "Warm Your Heart

Also for The Shutter Divas, week 9. This week's assignment: "Teacup Love". Each week's assingment is posted on Christina's fabulous blog Divas and Dreams and the pictures you can find in The Shutter Diva's Flickr group. I've missed several weeks here but I hope that soon, once I've worked through all my photography and processing e-courses, I'll be able to follow regularly again :-).

Life is so much pleasanter if you love what you (have to) do, at least most of it - and with a nice cup of hot tea or coffee ;-)

The texture is by les brumes, the texture with the script is from a page from a 16th century book, hearts by melemel

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