Sunday, 22 October 2017

Inktober 2017 - Week Three

It's the third week of Inktober and I'm still keeping my daily drawing habit up. In fact, it's becoming easier, and more and more day, I'm looking forward to the evening, when I can sit down and draw.

Day 15: Dip pen & ink

Day 16: Fineliner pens

Day 17: Pens

Day 18: Dip pen & ink

Day 19: Pens

Day 20:

Day 21: Dip pen & ink

Thoughts and insights:
  • Did I mention that I love dip pens?
  • Crosshatching is a bit like watercolour - it looks easy and simple, but it's not
  • I wish I was better at drawing from imagination and didn't have to rely on reference images
  • But then I guess that's part of trying to get into the daily drawing habit
  • Because of copyright reasons, it can be really difficult to find reference images for some subjects
  • Some drawings therefore just have to remain practice pieces only, without being shared
  • But then, not everything always needs to be shared
  • It's all about practice in the end
  • And about enjoying it


  1. Beautiful sketches and such a variety of subjects. My favourite is the portrait which is amazing. Happy PPF! :D)

  2. all are so beautifully drawn!!!
    Happy weekend and happy PPF,

  3. wow-these drawings are so finely detailed and proportioned-just amazing!! Happy PPF!

  4. Gorgeous art!
    Happy PPF and weekend xx

  5. Wow, you are really good with pen and ink! Congrats on keeping up with Inktober! Days 16 and 19 are my favorites today ...

  6. Wow these are amazing. Each one is done so very well.

  7. Fabulous sketchee, every one!

  8. I so respect artist like you who can add such detail. My art always looks sloppy and the longer i work on it the worse it I would to make inks like yours maybe one day.