Friday, 13 January 2017

Hello New Year

Happy New Year! Have you had a good start into the new year? I had the first week of 2017 off, so that was a very good start, but last Saturday, it was time again to say goodbye to N at the airport after our two week's holiday together, and it's all back to the grind and same old.

I'm starting the year with taking the Sketchbook Skool course A Drawing a Day, to help me get into the habit again. Drawing and art making is definitely something that goes short when N's here. And that's fine too. But now it's time to get back to the studio and do some catching up

We had a wonderful time. Not only was it good to spend Christmas and New Year together, but we also went on some great day trips, long walks in the neighbourhood, and had some lazy, relaxing days too. So while I didn't really do any drawing or painting, I took a lot of photos. Especially as I treated myself to a new camera for Christmas. I've been thinking about getting a new camera for over two years, and I'm glad I've waited so long, as the camera I originally had my eyes on turned out to probably not being the one that suits me best. So I gave it lots of thoughts, and finally decided on what I think is the right camera for me (a Canon 6D with a Canon 24-70mm lens, in case you're interested). The lens has a macro option, which is something that I love. I still have to learn a lot about my new camera, but I can already say that I'm very happy with it.

The local animal park is always worth a visit. We didn't see that many animals close up this time, but the Mouse House never disappoints.

My former work colleague and friend gave us two free tickets for the zoo, so we spent a great day there. And having bought my new camera the night before, this was the first time to try it out. Although it was a very sunny day, it was cold enough for the "penguine parade" - for the penguins to go out for a round in the zoo, to the great delight of both penguins and visitors.

Walking along the top of my local small mountain is always nice. There was no snow yet, but it was so cold that everything was covered in a thick layer of frost, which more than made up for it, and turned everything into its own kind of winter wonderland. And I got to try out my macro setting too.

Another favourite walk is to the nearby forest. Still now snow, but again, beautifully frosty. And the combination of the cold, blue frosty shade and the warm, golden sun was quite magical.

I've got lots more photos, but I think they'll have to wait till next week, otherwise this post will become far too long. Have a wonderful, creative weekend!


  1. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing, and have fun with the new camera. Love the mouse in the fruit bowl. The line drawings are fascinating. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Super sketches and photos. Happy PPF

  3. your sketches are fantastic as is your flowing lettering. I also love your great photos too!

  4. A very nice post. I love the "line" sketches. Your photos are just amazing. Taken with the new camera? Thanks for the info on the camera. I too have been needing a new camera for a few years. I will look into this one. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Love your most interesting and fascinating post. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy PPF ♥

  6. Love your magical winter photos. (And the sketches too.) How fun to really see penguins walking in a line like that! Reminds me of Mary Poppins.

  7. haha, those penguins are so cute! And the pictures you took with your new camera are awesome. Lovely drawings, and I love your lettering in the first piece.

  8. Great sketchbook spread! I'll look forward to seeing more of your daily sketches.

    I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday. :)

    Enjoy your new camera. I love the Canon brand although I tend to use my Samsung mobile phone for photos now as my little Canon point-and-shoot camera is more outdated.

    Those snowy, icy images look fabulous! Very soothing to my body after the horrible heat and humidity we've been experiencing this past week.

    Have a lovely weekend. :)

  9. very nice photos :D love seeing penguin parades, they are such cool looking birds :)

  10. Wow I just love your sketches and the font...your writing is beautiful! I could see an illustration book with that beautiful writing. A recipe book or something of that nature!! Your camera seems amazing those photos are so crispy. I love daughter is waiting to get a camera to suit her too!! She loved your photos as well!! Love the tongues sticking out..that's hard to capture!! Great eye!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Love that you're taking that course. I have done it before and really enjoyed it. I need to set myself some daily drawing challenges or something, I'm finding it hard to get my creativity back after taking an extended break from everything over the holidays!

  12. Fabulous photos and great drawings, a very creative beginning of the new year.

    Love and hugs

  13. Love how expressive your drawings are. :) Great photos, too!

  14. Hello,

    Your sketches are wonderful.

    As are your photographs! I love the one of the animal with a single horn on it's head.

    Lovely weekend to you.

  15. What I would do to curl up on an armchair with a coffee and one of your sketchbooks to browse through... I just find your pages so fascinating! :0)

  16. Wow! You have captured the winter wonderland so beautifully! I love the expressive animal photos, too! Really fabulous!