Friday, 4 November 2016

A beautiful day out, and some drawings

After my week in Scotland, I spent another 10 days in beautiful Dorset. We didn't do much, we were both tired and wanted to just simply relax and take it easy.

We did go on one long day out, though, to one of our most favourite places - Brownsea Island.

 Like last time we went, it was a glorious day, and there are many places, where you feel that you are somewhere completely different, somewhere in the Mediterranean instead of the English Channel.

Brownsea Island is the only place in Britain, apart from Scotland, where there are red squirrels, and they are one of the main attractions for people to visit.

It's easy to understand why, as they are such adorable little creatures.

We didn't see as many as last time, but we still got a few good shots.

The two that came to say hello were very obliging, and remained sitting on the branch and eating nuts long enough for us to take photos.

There are also lots of peacocks on the island, and they were very friendly too. A mum and her young even followed us all across a big meadow when they realised that we were having a picnic on the other side, to keep us company, and even followed us for a while when we finally wandered off.

The pheasant we saw later in the afternoon seemed a lot shier. He kept walking away and hiding when I tried to snap a photo. Until N, who was a about 50 meters away, got out a bag of nuts - and suddenly all shyness forgotten, the pheasant ran across the grass towards him, and even picked N's treats right out of his hand!

There are lots of chicken too. I was busy picking up feathers all day, and when I got my plastic bag out to put some more away, I suddenly found myself surrounded but dozens of chickens and peacock, running from all directions toward me, expecting a treat.

When leaving the island, instead of going straight back, the the boat takes a little longer tour all around Brownsea and between islands and back to Pool harbour. Another special treat after a great day on the island. Especially with an evening sky like this.

I haven't really gotten back into my studio since I got home from my holiday. I'm in a tidying up and getting rid of stuff mood at the moment, rearranging and reorganising things. Things tend to accumulate far too easily over the years and I find that it gets in the way of using what I actually want to use, and can end up not doing much at all. So the stuff that I don't use anymore has to go so that the materials I do use and want to use are ready and at hand. Some creatives work well in a chaotic studio, but personally, I prefer it if it's reasonably tidy. Which more often than not mine isn't. But I'm working on it...

I have done some drawing, though, and after the art week in Scotland, I'm especially drawn to the good old pencil again. I just love pencils - and I have far too many of them. Although, can one really have too many pencils?


  1. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing, and love the drawings. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. These are lovely drawings. I feel the same like you, sometimes simpler is the better. Especially after inktober i feel using only ink or pencil for some time. Feels good and doable.Although the colors of the acrylic are enticing sometimes it feels overwhelming, too. The island looks divine.And almost Mediterranean as you said.Have a nice Friday and a loong weekend.

  3. I really love your delicate drawings. The first one is my favorit - it has a wonderful old touch.
    Happy PPF xx

  4. thank you for sharing that beautiful island and its wonderful creatures! Glad you had such great weather to enjoy the day along with a beautiful sunset too. Fabulous pencil drawings! Happy PPF!

  5. WOW! So impressed with your photos! I wish I could take snaps like that. The squirrel ones especially, I love them. Super sketches too. Really fabulous shading and I really like the light wash of background colour on the apple drawing.

  6. Nice! We have a few red squirrels on Oxfrodshire. I think they might be making a comeback; like the red kites. Let's hope so. Love that you got away down to Dorset. We did the same at the end of August. Our's was just a mini break because of work and commitments and I had to get back to Canada for a few months, but we loved every minute of it. It's so beautiful being there and being by the ocean. Even though we're just five fields away from the Thames, sometimes I feel so know? Lovely sketches. I do that too. Where ever I go, and pencils are such easy transport, aren't they? :D

  7. Ohhh thanks for sharing your trip. The photos are amazing and gives me a taste of far away lands. I also love your drawings. Something special about pencils.

  8. I love all your photos from your trip. Very refreshing. What gorgeous close-ups of the squirrels. I love your pencil art too!! Especially the delicately drawn Chinese lanterns.

  9. Thanks for sharing a little of your day on the island. I would never have known about it otherwise and again know....wherever we are there is beauty, wildlife and goodness around us! Your drawings are wonderful, so delicate and detailed. I like how you put in the color background.

  10. Wow you captured the feel of the trip in those gorgeous photos!! Love them.. wonderful sketches too!! Your photos are so creative!

    Hugs Giggles