Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The beauty of a grey autumn day

I love autumn. Not being a summer person, at all, I'm always looking forward to when the days are getting shorter and greyer, and when the leaves change colour. And this year has been wonderful so far in that respect. The trees are glowing in gold and red, and the leaves are rustling under your feet, thanks to the dry weather. Most days, the sun manages to break through the heavy clouds by midday, but yesterday, it remained grey. I have to admit that I like it when it does so. It does look pretty when the golden leaves glow in the sun, it's true, but it's when it's heavily overcast that the colours really come out at their best, I think. Especially on photographs. 


  1. Wow such wonderful pics! :) Autumn is a lovely season. I have to admit my best is Spring! But I love all seasond. Also Aurumn. :)

  2. Sorry- should be All seasons. Also Autumn ;)