Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Almost done - adding covers to the last two sketchbooks

I have left these two sketchbooks lying around far too long. I finished the first of my handbound sketchbooks, and stitched these two back in April, and since then, they've been waiting for their covers. I thought I didn't have any more cardboard boards that I could use, but looking again, I found the perfect ones. Two sheets, that were exactly twice the width of the sketchbooks. They needed very little cutting.

For the first one, I used an old discarded map (of a part of Norway) from my library. I liked the simple black and white design, with the blue lakes. This might make a travel sketchbook. For the second one, I used one of my favourite Japanese patterned papers. I love these delicate flowers on their green background.

After having covered the boards with the map and paper came the tricky bit - gluing the covers on to the sketchbook, and making sure they're all the right way up. I think I've now found a way that works well.

The last bit will be the spine. They would look alright without a spine too, I think, but the spine will help to keep them together, when the stitching might become a bit loose when they'll be used (if I'll ever dare using them...).


  1. These are gorgeous just as they are! Love to see them with the spines if you add them. :)

    1. Thank you Rita! I will post the finished ones next week :)

  2. My, you are so clever! These are beautiful!