Sunday 16 August 2015

Holiday Photo Sunday: A trip to the mountains

If you are spending your summer holiday here, I think it is best spent up in the mountains as much as possible. With every meter you get higher up, the slightly cooler the air gets, and up there, you can finally breath some fresh air and move without immediately sweating like mad. We only made it up a mountain once during our holiday, and it wasn't the highest, but it was a great day out. It was a bit overcast, and for about half an hour, I even had to put on a light cardigan.

My Mum had been wanting to come up here to Sattel-Hochstuckli for ages, to walk across the "Skywalk" and she was very happy to finally make it here. We went across the suspension bridge first thing, and it wasn't too bad. The fact that we werer the only ones on the bridge probably helped. I was still glad when I reached the other end.

There are lots of different trails up there, and we followed one of them, going upwards and, with the clouds clearing a bit, being rewarded with beautiful views.

One of the things I particularly love about being in the mountains is the looking down. It gives you a different perspective to see the world, which is always a good thing. And seeing those massive mountains, their calmness, serenity and groundedness (if there is such a word), it's just balm for my soul. And the forests. I love, love, love forests. And lakes.

The trail we followed turned out to be a circular route, and so we found ourselves back again at the suspension bridge.

I would have thought that the second time would be much easier, but I actually found it rather scarier than the first time. Maybe because there were more people on the bridge, which meant you had to let go of one of the handrails to let them pass.

After a refreshing drink at the restaurant, N and I decided to go for another little walk, following a different trail (well away from the bridge).

We met some very friendly goats on the way and spent quite a while chatting to them, and taking numerous photos.

I'm glad I didn't see this view of the bridge when we first arrived. I'm sure I'd never had crossed it, let alone twice, if I had!

One last glance back before we took the cable car back down. And, as every time when leaving the moutnains, I think that I should do that much more often, spending a day in the mountains.

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