Friday 17 July 2015

Trying to keep cool

I don't have a Paint Party Friday post to share today. I did actually do some painting the other night, but it was just too hot yesterday to take a photograph of it, download it, edit it, write up a blog post... And today, it is going to be even hotter. 35ºC. All I want to do is this.

Or even better, this.

But N is back in England. The second attempt took him savely back to London on Tuesday. And I'm back at work, where it is probably going to be about 40ºC in our office by the afternoon. And I have a nasty summer cold, complete with burning sore throat, runny nose and sneezing attacks. Great. I'm so glad when summer's over. At least it's Friday...


  1. It makes me laugh that my posts are full of complaints about how cold and rubbish out summer is and yours are complaining about the great! Maybe we should do a house swap for the summer months! ☺