Sunday, 12 July 2015

Holiday Photo Sunday: Kaysersberg (Alsace/France) and Heidelberg (Germany)

On the first day of our little 4 day trip to Germany, we drove through the beautiful Alsace region and stopped at the picturesque town of Kaysersberg, with its beautiful old and colourful half-timbered houses. There is a castle too, but with temperatures around 40 degrees, it was far too hot to climb up the hill. We had a lovely lunch there, and of course an ice cream, before we climbed back into the, by now blazing hot, car to continue our journey.

The following day, N. and me went to the old university town of Heidelberg. Again, it was a very hot day, but here, there is a cable car going up to the Köngistuhl, a little mountain overlooking the town. Halfway up lies the impressive ruin of the castle, with a beautiful view over the town.



  1. What a beautiful place! I feel like I recognise some of the places in your photo's. I've been to Germany a couple of times, but a LONG time ago, when I was a teenager, so I can't remember where... Maybe I have been here! :0)

    1. Apparently, Heidelberg is quite a famous and popular destination for visitors to Germany, so you might well have been there. And it's a beautiful place too, definitely worth visiting, although preferably not when it's almost 40 degrees hot :)