Friday, 26 June 2015

More layers, doodles and mandalas, and holiday at last

Hurray, my summer holiday is finally here! I've been counting the days, and on Wednesday the hours, until the start of my holiday, which officially began on Wednesday at 2.30 pm, when I left to office to go to the airport and pick up N. I really need a break. 2.5 weeks of enjoying the days, going somewhere nice or just doing nothing, and not thinking about anything too much. And eating lots of ice lollies. According to the weather forecast, it's going to get hot next week. 
This is the first time in ages that I'm spending my summer holiday at home. It feels a little bit weird, and I do like going away in summer to spend the time a little bit further north and by the sea, but there are also some advantages to staying home - such as having all my art supplies at hand. And studio time is definitely on the holiday to do list. As is a 4 day trip to the south of Germany at the end of next week, to which I am soooo looking forward to.

I keep adding layers to my two intuitive paintings. Adding some imagery and line work last Sunday.

And another layer yesterday afternoon, while N. was having a snooze on the sofa. What better way to start the summer holiday. I'm still successfully not thinking about where the paintings are going to go, but am just adding more paint, trying out new colours and just having fun. They're still looking very chaotig, and I think it's soon time to quieten it all down a little bit.

With all the painting I'm doing at the moment, the pages of my left-over-paint sketchbook are filling up quickly with backgrounds to doodle on in the evenings.

We're off to the Zoo today. I'm looking forward to see the new elephant park. This is the latest of the new enclosures that are made to more resemble the animals' natural habitat, and to give them much more space. The zoo really has done a lot of work already, to transfer the old enclosures, and are continuing to do so, and the elephant park seems to be really quite impressive (you can have a panorama view here if you like). As we're both keen photographers, we'll no doubt have a busy day ahead, and I hope to come back with lots of nice photos to draw and paint form.

Happy Paint Party Friday!


  1. Wonderful work, enjoy your holiday. Happy PPF, Valerie

  2. Gorgeous!
    Schöne Sommer-Ferien!

  3. Those are some awesome mandalas!

  4. Gorgeous work, I even love your layers. Sometimes a staycation forces us to discover new things where we live! Enjoy!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Your WIPs seem to be growing well, and I look forward seeing them done. Your mandalas and poppy are berathtaking. Enjoy your vacation!

  6. Kay I absolutely love where your intuitive paintings are going so far - I think they already look amazing. I'm not a fan of zoos but wow that elephant enclosure does look really good - better than any other zoo I've ever seen and it's good that they are doing that for all the animals - I wish all zoos (if we have to have them) would be the same. I hope you and N have a brilliant holiday - sometimes it's lovely to have time off in your own home and enjoy your mini trip to Germany.

  7. Lots of beautiful creativity here! Enjoy your vacation:-)

  8. Beautiful pieces this week. I love the white on those gorgeous bold colors.

  9. Love your abstract intuitive pieces - will be fun to see where you go with those. Doodles are so relaxing - enjoy your at home vacation