Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcome 2015

The first day of a new year. Always a bit scary, but also exciting. All the possibilities. Plans, dreams, wishes, hopes, resolutions. One of my long list of New Year's resolutions, which really is more a to do list, is to spend more time on photography again. I love to take pictures, and to process them, using textures, creating little pieces of art from scenes, landscapes, things that captured my eyes, and made me happy.

Like a visit to the nearby animal park, to say hello to one of my favourite animals, the mooses. One of which was conveniently lying in the snow close to the fence.

And what happens to all those unsold, left over Christmas trees? They make a perfect Christmas feast for the animals.

The end of the year also brought snow. I absolutely love snow. The world is so much more peaceful, looks so much more beautiful when covered in white. After some grey and very snowy days, which were best spent at home, the last day of the year brought some blue sky. A perfect day for a walk along the hilltop. I just love to hear the sound of walking on snow, the crisp, clear, cold air, the beauty of snow on trees.

I took, of course, loads more photos, and I'll upload some more winter magic in the next few days/weeks. I also have a 500px account, if you're interested to see more photos. I'm not there that often, and try not to upload too many photos, but I've got some of my favourite photos there. It's a place worth visiting anyway, the work and skills found there is just amazing, and very inspriring.


  1. Well you are a fabulous photographer so I'm not surprised you want to do more! I have just written my goals down for 2015. I find I stick to them more that way. Here's to a happy and creative new year! :0)

  2. I am jealous of your snow! Weird to have brown land up here for New Years. I never knew the critters feasted on old Christmas trees. That's made my day!! Happy New Year! :)