Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Where's the time gone?

Can't believe we're already one third into April! Life's somehow quite busy, one way or another, and there's not so much time for painting or blogging. And the mad April weather is just sucking out all my energy. But it seems spring will at least make an appearance over the weekend. I have kept up my little train- and lunchsketches though, and today I'm just sharing my little owls, even though I haven't finished painting them yet. They were such fun to sketch, and they just make me smile. I've filled a few more pages in my sketchbook, and I hope to share more for Friday's Paint Party, and during my upcoming looooong, relaxing weekend. But we'll see. No pressure :)


  1. So cute! Great job on the painting.

  2. I adore your little owls! And i know just what you mean about time passing so quickly - I'm right with you! :0)

  3. i agree-this year is zooming by even though we still seem to be stuck in perpetual winter! yoir owls are adorable-i love every single one!