Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I've been keeping up my train sketches every day since I started last week. Okay, that's only four days so far, but I totally enjoy it, and I definitely plan to keep it up. It's a perfect way to start and end the day. I do the sketches in the train, add some details, then add watercolour in the evenings or weekends at home, and sometimes add some more details again with pen in the train. Even if they're "just" little sketches in a not so big sketchbook, they do take quite some time to finish them. But there's no hurry. And looking through the finished sketches early morning in the train, just makes me happy. Can't wait to fill this book!

Indigo Bubbles


Flower Garden


Four finished pages, and a new design has already been drawn for tonight's commute home, combining patterns and flowers. Pure bliss!


  1. Beautiful patterns and colours - I imagine your trips on the train go too quickly now :0)

  2. I do what I call "car art" when on a long trip I draw. Love your designs

  3. wunderschöne Muster - wunderschön coloriert!

  4. Lovely pages, such pretty patterns and colors! <3

  5. Absolutely beautiful and joyful ! ... you must be having a good time with these.

  6. They're awesome!! What a good job!!
    A night way to spend the commute...
    They are so pretty!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. oh, what fabulous, fun sketches! i LOVE THEM. i love them all, but in particular, the first one: indigo bubbles. omg, i would so put that on my wall! Gorgeous work. Keep sketching! xox