Friday, 3 August 2012

Explore, imagine, dream...

Here the pages in my Moleskine art journal I did last weekend, and one on Monday morning, when I wasn't really feeling inspired - or so I thought. Looking at these pages, now they really make me happy, and I'm so looking forward to Sunday, when I'll have time to fill some more of them. I'm getting addicted to sticking paper into my journal, and slapping some paint on top of it.

"She & He" -  When I took one of my first e-courses, the She Art class, I ordered a textile "she" word to use for one of my girls, and I was sooo disappointed when it arrived to discover that I had in fact ordered a "he" instead of a "she", which was of course totally useless for the project. It had been lying around since then, until I decided that now it was time to use it for something.

What's the story behind "she & he"? Well, it is whatever you make of it. It's up to you.

"Carpe Diem" - I just wanted to create a simple, happy page using some of the new patterend papers I had bought in London last month and leaving lots of white background. Yellow is a very difficult colour for me. I don't like any of the 'cooler' shades, like lemon yellow, but I love the deep, warm orangey yellows. And Indian Yellow just makes me happy.

Seize the day. Try to make each and every day in your life as good as possible, and try to take a few minutes every day just for yourself, to fly a balloon up to the sky, even if it's just in your imagination.

"Explore" -  You don't have to travel 1000 of kilometers to the other side of the world to get your imagination running wild (although that's nice too). Instead, you can explore the world in your art journal.

Just use some patterned paper and a foreign newspaper to add an exotic touch. And I just loved the little owl. And my India ink.

"Nature" - I'm using up some left over chipboard letters, and there weren't enough letters left to spell out the whole world, so it's just an 'n'. To me, this page is a forest in winter with the bare trees half covered in snow, or a misty morning down at the lake, with the reeds half hidden in the mist, and the sun just a faint circle in the sky.

It can be anything. Whatever you want.

"Imagine" - let your imagination fly and try out an idea you have in your mind. Maybe it won't work out quite the way you had imagined it. But maybe the result isn't so bad either. And gives you new ideas to try out.

Let your imagination fly as high as possible, dream the impossible, and never give up on trying to make it happen.

I'm linking this up to the wonderful Paint Party Friday - the best place to get inspired!


  1. Wow! Sooo many cool pages I hardly know where to begin. The nature one and the carpe diem one really speak to me right now. So understated, yet absolutely beautiful and gorgeously textured! Love them!

  2. the way you use paint makes me sign with contentment... that nature page is just perfect... makes me want to abandon the watercolours and drag out some acrylics...xx

  3. Terrific pages and loving all those wonderful layers. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. These pages are just fabulous. I wish I had just half of your imagination. You are really inspiring.
    Von PPR

  5. Every time I visit, I get the urge to rush off to Hobby Craft and buy everything in sight! I reckon you should do an online Art Journal work shop or video. I'll be first in the queue :0)

  6. Funny! I just discovered that quote this week and it's my new motto!! Love your sketch book.


  7. Oh, these are some of my favorites!
    I love your layers and textures and photography of your pages!!
    Wonderful phrase: Imagination is the highest kite one can fly!
    Love it!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  8. Wonderful textures and layers with an excellent message!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. These are some gorgeous journal pages! You have such a lovely descriptive way about your posts to go along with these beautiful illustrations. I think Carpe Diem is my favourite possibly because it's an expression that means a lot to me (so much so my husband and I had it tattooed on our wrists when we got married!)You make me want to start journalling too!

  10. Wow, your pages are stunning. I can't pick a favorite because I love them all. The color combos and your use of texture are really lovely. Happy PPF

  11. wonderful textures! the eyes want to keep going all over the pages ♥

  12. what wonderful pieces! I love the carpe diem one - it's so serene. Before I read your story I wondered why the SHE was bigger and somehow 'more important' than the HE LOL... now I know ;) happy ppf!

  13. All these pages are wonderful--I love the texture you add, and the paint speckles and drips--really nice!

  14. These are terrific pages...I love the imagination Kite quote...I like very thing about them!!!

  15. WOW! Such diverse moods, emotions and styles here. Sometimes flowing free and loose, and sometimes more structured and geometric. Sometimes almost monochromatic reflecting the winter months, then, even though it may not sit so naturally with you, the bright yellow circles of sunshine, perfectly put together with the free and easy feel of "seizing the day". But despite the variations, each one is immediately recognisable as yours. Beautiful, beautiful pages. Love it.

  16. Oh my gosh. I couldn't even pick a favourite. I love all the spreads. I kept thinking to myself, wow, I love that, only to see the next. Love the use of colour, and other elements.

    I love the deep yellowy golds as well when I get to choose a shade of yellow.

  17. I love where your addiction is taking you- these are stunning pages full of creativity! Your pages with imagine, fly, dream is my favorite!

  18. These are lovely! I can't even pick a favorite, either. :)

  19. Det er virkelig nogle smukke ting du laver. Spændende og inspirerende...