Friday, 29 June 2012

Back soon

A journal page I started but somehow got stuck with. I used two train timetables from Hamburg as a background. Both lines lead to the sea - to the North Sea, to the island of Fehmarn, on the left, and to the Baltic Sea, to Travemünde, on the right. The latter trip was the one I undertook when I was up there last month, and I once spent a night on Fehmarn many years ago on the way back from Sweden. I loved the Strandkörbe (beach baskets) at the beach in Travemünde (I didn't see any in Fehmarn at the time), and printed out some from the internet to glue on my page. But I didn't really know what to do next. So I played around a little bit in Photoshop Elements fo this post, to give it more of a holiday feeling (including some bamboo, which definitely does not grow on  the beaches in Northern Germany) and to add some text.

Hopefully I'll be more inspired after a little break. So by for now, see you again soon, enjoy your summer (holiday) in the meantime. I'm sure I will :)


  1. I love the background you chose - and the beach cabanas are very inviting. Have a nice break.

  2. Sometimes it's good to take a break, re-charge our batteries and de-clutter our heads isn't it? That's what I need to do soon! I love the journal pages and I will look forward to your return to blog land :0)

  3. Love your summery journal pages! Have a great summerbreak!

  4. We have a heap of bamboo in the back yard and I love sitting in the pool in summer and listening to the clack of the trunks in the afternoon breeze... it is my favourite summer sound... I kind of want one of those seats now as well...xx

  5. meine Güte..welch geniale Seiten Du wieder fabriziert hast! HIMMLSICH das alles!

  6. WOW I travelled through your blog and what a wonderful creations you have made. It´s really marvelous and I lvoe it.
    Also this pages are very unique and beautiful.
    Lovely greet

  7. I absolutely love this! It reminds me so much of English holidays in Georgian times (not personally - I'm not quite 300 years old!) but it's not so different from seaside scenes today. Took this photo a couple of days ago..


  9. You are sooo creative! =)

    I sure can underatnd you like the northern lights.. if you want to follow me on the ocean.. se my photoblog.. you find it on my drawing blog.. under the heading..

    Take care and have a lovely time, whatever you do or not do.. :))